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Chop Building Clinic!


This is one of my favorite clinics!  It involves all of your percussionists on drum pads in which they learn valuable exercises and techniques to SUPERCHARGE their chops!   

Topics include (but are not limited to): The 5 Basic Elements of Technique, Finger Strengthening Exercises, Hand Stretches, Accent/Tap control, Double-Stroke Technique, Flam Control, Coordination Exercises, Listening Exercises, Unconventional Chop Building and Practice Techniques, and more!  

I have done this clinic at all levels (from high school, to university, to drum corps).  It takes approximately 1:30-2 hours, and can be done in any room where drum pads can be used.  

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Drumline / Band Rehearsal Clinic


I can come in during your normal band rehearsal time. Oftentimes when I do this clinic, there is time in which the percussion section is separate from the rest of the band where I can work more closely with them on exercises and/or music (and I have often done this alongside a regular instructor for a group, either offering them an alternative perspective or reinforcing some of the things they are already doing).

If there is time with the full band, then I can also do any number of things either on the field or up top - including such things as working with you (the director) during 'ensemble music,' or perhaps doing a 'mock' judging tape for the group. I have also done something similar for winter drumline rehearsals.  I like this clinic because, whether it is full band or winter drumline rehearsal, it allows me the opportunity to interact with both the students and directors.  In addition, this clinic seems to work well at any point of a group's season - even late in the season it is nice to have a different set of eyes or a fresh perspective!

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Percussion Ensemble Rehearsal Clinic


I can do a rehearsal with your concert percussion ensemble in which I can work with them on their percussion ensemble music, concert band music, or both!

This clinic is particularly effective after the students have learned their music well enough to basically play the notes, but still have room for improvement.

Integrated into this type of clinic would be explanations and demonstrations in the proper technique on the various concert percussion instruments, and how to approach them thoughtfully and musically.

I also like this clinic very much because it allows for the type of instruction and attention to detail that many percussion students may not normally experience (and of course while I am there, I can help you make sure that instruments such as your timpani are tuned properly, etc.).

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Percussion Lessons


I offer private instruction in for college, high school, and middle school students in the greater Los Angeles area, and we can focus your instruction on any number things that include:

*Concert percussion instrument techniques and pieces (including snare drum, mallets, and timpani)

*Preparing for a percussion audition or performance

*Preparing specific parts (such as the djembe part in Strange Humors, or a particular honor band audition piece)

*Basic drum set playing, including basic jazz chart reading

*Working on your general marching chops

If you are not in the greater Los Angeles area, it may be possible to do a video lesson using FaceTime or Skype.  Please feel free to inquire if you are interested!

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Teaching Philosophy


My general teaching philosophy includes less talking and more playing, stressing the fundamentals, utilizing a multi-faceted approach, and setting goals!

Whether it is drumline or concert percussion, I make every effort to help students understand for themselves what to do (technique-wise, etc.), and how to apply it (with superior quality and musicianship)!

Thank you again for visiting this page! If you do submit an inquiry regarding a clinic or lesson, I will always respond to you in a timely manner, and you will always be treated with the utmost respect!

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